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In today's changing travel environment, it's important to protect your trip investment so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss or even an unexpected sickness or injury could impact your travel plans. Aviatours recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan that helps provide coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more. Below is a brief description of the benefits and coverages for the travel protection plan aviatours recommends. 



Trip Cancellation  Up to 100% of Insured Trip Cost 
Trip Interruption 

Up to 100% of Insured Trip Cost 

Trip Delay $750 ($150/day)
Missed Cruise Connection $750 
Baggage & Personal Effects  $1,500
Baggage Delay $250
Emergency Medical Expense  $25,000
Emergency Evacuation & Repatration $100,000
24 Hour AD & D $25,000
Travel Assistance & Concierge Services* Included 

Trip Cost

Plan Cost:

Up To $1,500

$ 93.00

$1,501 - $3,000


$3,001 - $4,500



Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption 

Provides reimbursement for unused, non-refundable trip cost. Trip interruption also provides reimbursement for additional transportation costs. Some examples of covered reasons include: 

  • Covered sickness, Injury or death of you, your family member, traveling companion or business partner
  • Common Carrier delays and/or arrangement canceled by an airline, cruiseline, motor coach company, or tour operator, resulting from inclement weather, mechanical breakdown or organized labor strike 
  • Being directly involved in a documented traffic accident while en route to departure 
  • A Terrorist Act which occurs in your departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination for your Covered Trip provided the Terrorist Act occurs within 30 days of the Scheduled Departure Date for your covered Trip or during your covered Trip 

Trip Delay 

Provides coverage if you are delayed during a trip for 12 hours or more due to a covered reason. 


Missed Cruise Connection

Provides reimbursement for unused, non-refundable expenses and additional costs such as accommodations, transportation and meals if your connection is missed by 3 hours or more for a covered reason. 


Baggage & Personal Effects 

Provides reimbursement of Baggage or other personal effects that are lost, damaged or stolen while on your trip 


Baggage Delay 

Provides coverage for the emergency purchase of essential items if your Baggage is delayed 24 hours or more during your trip. 


Medical or Dental Expense 

Provides coverage for the necessary medical, surgical and emergency dental care costs, if you become sick or accidentally injured while on a trip. 


Emergency Medical Evacuation

If you become sick or injured on a trip, emergency assistance will provide benefits such as: arrange transportation to the nearest suitable medical facility, help the guest return home, if medically necessary, provide round-trip economy air fare for a companion to visit if you are traveling alone and hospitalized for more than 7 days. 


Pre-Existing Condition Waiver 

The pre-existing medical condition exclusion is waived if payment for this plan is received by Aviatours within 14 days of your initial deposit/ payment for your trip. 


Please note: This plan may not be purchased after you have made final payment for your covered Trip 

For questions regarding benefits or coverages, please contact Travelex Insurance Services at 844-858-9912 


*Travel Assistance & Concierge Services are provided by the designated provider listed in the Description of coverage. **Rates are subject to change. Maximum trip length is 180 days. This is a brief description of benefits. For a summary of the plan details on benefits, coverages, limitations and exclusions of the insurance plan, view the Description of Coverage.  Travel insurance is underwritten by Transamerica Causalty Insurance Company, Columbus, OH NAIC #10952.1349204


Completed claim forms may be sent to: 

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