Featured Testimonials
I have personally led five trips to Israel in the past ten years all involving Mr. David Dinour and his company. All have been totally satisfying with regard to delivering agreed upon services, accommodations, meals, tours, guides and all financial dealings. Also, the prices are the best available, and I am a shopper.
Rev. Thomas D. Weise Pastor
Phoenix City, Alabama
I am so pleased with the way Linda has handled each and every problem that was thrown her way. I know at times it was frustrating and probably even maddening but she came through with flying colors. Looking forward to meeting her in NY. I also would be remiss if I did not thank Mary for helping us out with Fr. Besinga with his transfer to Germany. A company is only as good as those who work for it. You my friend are Blessed to have such diligent and loyal people working for you. I will be in NY in April looking forward to meeting everyone there. My wife and I will be taking Linda out to dinner as a thank you for helping to make this pilgrimage happen. For most on this trip it is a once in a lifetime experience. To help with this journey of faith is truly a Blessing. May God Bless all of you and your Families peace
Deacon Arnie
Atlanta, Georgia
With great enthusiasm and excitement, I hasten to express my delight and joy in the professional guidance of David Dinour of Aviatrade Link Inc. (aviatours), for his facilitation of our Temple's Family Mission to Israel. My wife and I have led many trips to the State of Israel, and all have been spiritually renewing. However, our most recent encounter with Israel, the Land and People, was greatly enriched through the special arrangements and connections provided efficiently and effectively by David Dinour and his Organization. Because he is a very special man, unique and precise, caring and giving, we consider David a valued personal friend. ... and that's just the point: David embraced our mission as a friend would provide attentive hospitality for a cherished friend!
Mark N. Goldman, Rabbi
Cincinnati, OH
Thank you for all the kindness and attention I received last September 7th on the trip to Israel and Italy with Deacon Ramon Lima. I was treated "first class" every where and I know it was through your kind intervention. I particularly would like to single out Mr. Silvio Blau - our tour guide in Israel. In all my travels I have never encountered a better guide. He was knowledgeable, patient, tactful, polite, respectful...and all these in the superlative. He was superb!
Obispo Octavio Cisneros
Douglaston, NY
Dear David, I can hardly believe that it is two months since returning from our congregational trip to Israel. This letter of thanks is far overdue, yet I have thought about the trip nearly every day since our return. All of the logistics handled through aviatours worked wonderfully. If you remember, when we first began planning the trip I had very specific ideas of how I wanted this trip to be different from the “typical” tourist trip. I had several social justice organizations in Israel that I wanted my congregants and fellow travelers to experience in order to gain a wider understanding of real, non-political issues in modern Israeli life. I asked you to design a different type of trip with me, and each moment of our ten days simply got better and better. Our trip was budget-conscious yet you wouldn’t have known it from the hotels, meals, and experiences we had. With travelers ranging from families with children to retirees we needed a flexible schedule that allowed people to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and not wake up too early. I can hardly believe how much we did with these constraints, and how powerful the trip was for our participants. During the trip I found that our guide, Ronit Nachman, responded to all of our varied needs and interests with both professional efficiency and personal attention. Our driver, Yaron, was perhaps one of the kindest, most considerate people I have ever met. And he was an excellent driver with whom we all felt safe and confident. Most of our travelers were experienced international tourists. I heard many comments from my congregants about how impressed they were with the fact that our trip went off without a hitch. Like any trip, we had a few small inconveniences, and when we did, Ronit was our advocate and leader in making sure that everything was handled quickly and smoothly. I suppose it is easy to take for granted that kind of attention and success. When things go smoothly it is sometimes too simple to forget how miserable it can be when there are problems. But we had none of that – all of the technical logistics worked out beautifully so that the rest of the trip could fall smoothly in line. In short, thank you and your aviatours team for your assistance in making our congregational trip to Israel a memorable, moving, and uplifting pilgrimage. With warm regards,
Rabbi Vered L. Harris
Temple Beth Torah, Kansas
Hi David! I heard wonderful things back from a few folks who were on the trip. As soon as I hear more, I will gather the comments, good and bad (so far no bad!) and send them to you so you can have some feedback on your end. Of course I have suggestions. Ha ha! But just a note, as expected, I heard great things about the guide Renuit. (spelling?) People love her! And apparently her family as well. : -) She is a treasure. If I go to Israel, I want her to be my guide!
Washington, DC
Thank you so much for your help today. I just got off the phone with a representative of Trip Mate, Inc. It was the same person I spoke with earlier in the day. She apologized and was very helpful in initiating our claim. I have passed her contact information on to the rest of our tour group so they now have a direct line to someone who is familiar with our situation. As a group I believe I speak for everyone when I say we had a fantastic tour of Israel. The additional days were an added blessing. Again thanks for your help.
Gerry Potter
Holiday Island, AR
Dear Eunice and Avia Tours, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful trip we recently took to Jordan and Israel with Susan Stainback. At the time there was much concern for our safety by our church congregation, our family and co-workers. As the trip was a life-long dream, we trusted your judgement and were so glad we did. The tour guides were excellent for both Jordan and Israel. We so appreciated their knowledge, making us feel secure during our travels, and being willing to share their personal stories.
Bryan & Carolyn Rainbow
Pinehurst, NC