A full program by visiting the places mentioned in the Bible Greece ( Thessaloniki , Philippi, Cavala , Meteora, Athens, Corinth , Rhodes and Patmos and also playing Turkey ( Efuso)

Day 1 : Flight from the U.S. to Thessaloniki in northern Greece. Breakfast and dinner onboard movies.

Day 2 : Arrival in Thessaloniki and transfer to our hotel. Dinner and overnight

Day 3 : Philipi and Cavala A whole day excursion. Philipi is one of the most impressive places in the New Testament in Greece, the starting point of the missionary expansion pf Apostle Paul in Europe and the site of the first church in Greece which was founded by him . Here is the place where he met Lydia and was imprisoned for doing an exorcism on a young slave. His letter to the Philippians shows how proud he was of the new congregation. You will be guided to the impressive archaeological site of the ancient Roman city of Philippi. From here we continue to the attractive port city of Cavala , known as Pablo Neapolis , where he arrived in the year 50 AD. Afternoon return to Thessaloniki

Day 4 : Fez . Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. During our visit we see the remains of the Roman Market, the Theatre and two of the most famous churches which are the church of San Jorge (roundabout ) and the church of St. Demetrius . We leave and drive to Thessaloniki Veria (It's biblical name is Beroea Berea ) where Apostle Paul did ​​his ministry. You will admire the collection of modern mosaics on the conversion of Paul and his vision in Troas. You will also admire the mountain chain of Mount Olympus.

Day 5: Meteora - Athens During the morning we will visit Meteora with its rock formations, old monasteries that rest firmly on the huge rocks , where you can admire exquisite specimens of Byzantine art. In the afternoon we arrive in Athens. Dinner and overnight

Day 6 : board our cruise to enjoy three unforgettable days . The first stop is the island of Mykonos. We recommend getting off the boat to enjoy the shops and cafes

Day 7 : Rhodes ( The third journey of Paul Acts 21:1-2 . ) Our second port of call . Optional visits to Lindos and the San Pablo Bay

Day 8: Patmos / Kusadasi Arrival at the Island of Patmos. Here Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelations . (Rev 1: 9-11) We will disembark and participate in the excursion to the Monastery of Apostle John and the Cave where he lived . Lunch on board . The ship continues to Kusadasi (Turkey). We will depart to visit Ephesus , the best preserved ancient city in Asia Minor during which had a population of 250,000 (Acts 19:1-41 ) . This city monopolized the wealth of the Middle East. Apostle Paul visited Ephesus between AD 55-58. His ministry included predicament , conversion and baptism. During this tour we will see the Temple of Hadrian , the Roman Baths , the Library, the Odeon, the Theatre and the Basilica of Apostle John. Jesus mother, Mary, moved to Ephesus after his death and resurrection.  Dinner and overnight.

Day 9 : The boat returns to Athens. Corinth. Today we will visit Biblical Corinth . Apostle Paul lived in Corinth for 18 months, where he found a city of poor moral values ​​and experienced rejection, but it was a city that eventually accepted Christianity (Acts 18:1-17 . From Bema he preached to the Corinthians about God's Words. In the afternoon will visit the Museum, the Market, the Bema , and the Temples's. We return to Athens to visit the Acropolis , the Pantheon the Olympic Stadium. We also visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier . We will have time for shopping. We are transferred to the hotel for a farewell dinner and overnight. 

Day 10 : Fly back home. Arrival on the same day.


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